A Thrifty Update - Past Events & What's to come

Hi there Fabulous Friends! 

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. 

For those who don't know, the person responsible for the blog and everything Thrifty Fabulous, including the social media pages, is me, Leche' Benny. 

I would like you to know that when a review is given, whether it be of a Fashion Show or an Event that Thrifty or myself got to attend, the experiences and views are all of my Own. I do not get paid to say anything positive nor do I get paid to say anything... negative (insert confused face emoji). 

As the title of this blog post indicates, it is a Thrifty Update, meaning an update on things we've done in past few months and what events are to come. The interesting bits are coming soon, so you need to continue reading, don't get bored of me just yet! Lol. 

Here we go! 

  • 25th May 2019 - You are Phenomenal, Beauty Beyond Imperfections Fashion Show: 

I know we posted on social media stating that a blog post was to follow on the event, unfortunately it never happened. We do apologise sincerely for that. While I was busy putting all the pieces together of the show, my laptop crashed, hence the post stating "we're having technical difficulties". I am sorry that I never posted the blog but I felt that it would not have been fair to the team for a review to come out nearly a month after the event. I hope you guys can understand. 

What I can say at this point is that the event is something that everyone should experience. I was an emotional wreck (as always) but there were moments in the show that absolutely blew me away. 

For those who don't know, I come from the design trade, clothing and shoes. Seeing someone that studied with me showcase her work was also an extremely proud moment for me, I was living vicariously through her for a moment lol. Her attention to detail and the way she worked with the "all over" lace was absolutely commendable, but her show stopping white dress...... It took me back to a Marilyn Monroe time (Not that Marilyn and I were alive at the same time...) I am still in love with that dress.

Congratulations Cecelia Papier: 


P.s I never got permission to use any of the pictures posted on social media, so my (back row seat) pictures will have to do. I'm sorry, those who have read the previous blogs will know I don't get special seats for these things. 

This is: ADAYAH 

The show was really spectacular! Please, attend the next one if you missed out on this one, it is so worth it. 

There was a remarkable amount of designers, each with their own signature styles. Some of my favourites was: SoExtra (Tracy Rass killed the runway, her swimsuit line is out of this world amazing), CapeFella, HausofKairos, Renubia, Els Marie Couture and Denzil Pillay of course. Please search for each of these labels on social media to see their amazing work. 

Candice Lynn Christians did a stellar job putting it all together, and at the end of the show she took the runway with her little girl. At that moment, I had an overwhelming feeling of mommy joy (if a thing like that even exists), I could not have been prouder of this amazing woman.

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  • 15th June 2019 - Fashion Exchange - Swop Shop: 

For those who don't know, Thrifty Fabulous took part in this amazing event. It was hosted by The Champagne Life, who is owned by the exquisite Laverne Turner-Manuel.  

From start to finish I was smiling, the atmosphere and "vibe" was so changing. Connecting with other ladies, chatting and swopping and or shopping was the tone for the day. 

It was a major success, not just for Thrifty Fabulous but for the "swoppers" as well, I saw ladies walking away with bags full of clothes and big smiles on their faces. We were the "shop" store, so ladies who had nothing to swop could come shop at our stall which made it fun :). That way, everyone is winning and happy. 

I would like to thank Laverne for having us take part in this event. I love meeting new people, especially when we instantly connect. Thank you for hosting the event and giving ladies the opportunity to shop/swop without spending a cent. 

<Leche' Benny and Laverne Turner-Manuel>

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  • 29th June 2019 - Rise Queen (hosted by The Champagne Life) 

We've posted all over our social media platforms about this event. I hope you've got your tickets for tomorrow (as they are officially sold out) and you're ready to interact with some amazing women while enjoying a Fabulous breakfast! 

We will be posting a blog post on this event, so don't worry you'll have all the deets on what went down. 

  • 9th August 2019 - IHATA shelter for abused women and children event ( hosted by Thrifty Fabulous and Feerouza Kruger) 

This an event that needs your uttmost attention! Thrifty Fabulous along with Mrs Universe SA finalist 2019, Feerouza Kruger will be hosting a Fabulous Women's day event that entails spoiling the ladies and kids at this amazing shelter. 

IHATA takes in abused women and children, they try and reintegrate the ladies back into society by helping them get a job, teaching them about female hygiene and in some cases helping them kick the drug abuse habit, amongst other things. These ladies stories will break your heart. Everything they have had to endure just to get to a place of stableness is what would have you gasping for air. These ladies and kids deserve a day to be spoilt and we plan to do just that! 

We would need all the help we can get and we urge everyone that has the means and the will to help, to please do so. There are so many things still needed, if you would like to Assist, please contact us, we would be so grateful as this cause is so near and dear to our hearts. 

Email: info@thriftyfabulous.co.za

DM us on: 

Facebook: thriftyfabulous.co.za

Instagram: @thrifty_fabulous

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081 518 7563

No blog post will be posted about this event as we'll be live on Facebook that day, please join in. The time will be posted on our social media pages closer to the date. 

  • 7th September 2019 - EmpowHER19 (hosted by Differently Beautiful) 

This event is surely not to be missed! It will be my first time attending the EmpowHER event and from what I've heard, it is the event of the season! If you would like to attend it (which I hope you do), tickets can be purchased on Quicket. Follow Differently Beautiful as well as the EmpowHer19 event on Facebook for more information. 

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A blog post will be posted on this event. I would love to meet the wonderful people who reads Thrifty's blog, so please don't miss this! :). 

  • 14th September 2019 - Winter Wonderland (hosted by Kairo events and model management as well as KZN Fashion fair) 

I heard about this event from a friend that will be showcasing and I thought to myself this is another one of those events that's not to be missed! If you love Fashion or even if you just like dressing up for the night, then please come out and support this Fashion show. 

Tickets are on sale on Quicket, follow the Winter Wonderland page and click "going" ;-) (but you have to make sure you're actually going!), the page will give you all the information you need.    


And that is it for now Fabulous Friends! Don't forget to save the dates! Thank you so much for reading. 

Stay Fabulous! 

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