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Please excuse me while I grab my tissues... Because this is going to be an emotional one for me! Lol 

There are moments in fashion that just makes sense. Sometimes or most times actually they don't, but these moments made complete sense to me. 

So without any further ado, here is All About Lana B. 

I've always wondered how Lahmees came up with the name Lana B, well, if you don't know, Lana B is actually an acronym of her, her husband and her kids names. Did you know that she was a mom of three? Yes! Mompreneur at its best right here. She manages to run her business and do all the nitty gritty while taking care of her kids, husband and the household. 

Being a mom inspired Lahmees to start her line. She comes from a long lineage of dressmakers, so creating beautiful garments has always been in her blood. When her daughter was about 9 months old she couldn't find any cute dresses for her and even though she has no technical training, she decided to make something for her little one. From that one dress, people noticed her work and ordered items from her for their own kids, and that is how Lana B came about. It is very easy to just give up when people doubt you, but take it from this amazing woman, giving up is not an option. 

The fashion industry is extremely competitive, and because it is so saturated, not many designers will make room or even pave the way for the other. Well, in Lana B's case, there was one designer who has always had her back and supported her since the very beginning. She was helping her brother (owner of CapeFella) with a fashion show he was doing with local designer CJ Jackson, which was taking place in December of 2018. When CJ saw Lana B's work he immediately wanted her to be a part of the show, he asked her to book her flight to Durban and to showcase. There she produced her first collection and fell in love with the hustle and bustle of the fashion show world. Like I said, many designers won't open the door for others but CJ Jackson did, and for that we have to thank him! :). 


As you can imagine, during this time things has not been easy for people in the creative field. Lahmees has (like many others) been directly affected by this. The store that housed Lana B clothing closed down and forced her to look at other options to bring in an income. It is heart wrenching, as she explains, everything was moving so well before lockdown but with the situation the world is facing, she's had to re-evaluate her future plans and what the brand would be doing next. She focused on creating masks, as you can imagine, this is a Lana B mask. Something completely different, you would not find it any where else. To this day she is producing masks! Waking up at the break of dawn and going to sleep at the dusk of night, she keeps the hustle going. Staying positive during this time is not always easy, for most it has not been easy at all. I am grateful that the world still gets a piece of Lana B. 


I am still in shock that people told Lahmees the design industry is not for her. Her mentor Michael Lombard (yes, the renowned fashion designer) motivated her and encouraged her to keep going and to not give up just yet. He saw something in her and her work to take the time to keep her on track, to keep her focused on the end goal. Thank you Michael. 

When I saw the Moevir Magazine cover, my heart beamed with pride. As most of you know, I've always been a huge supporter of the Lana B brand. Lahmees has a way of making you feel so unique and so sexy in a way that you could feel your most confident while wearing her garments in flip-flops lol! It never came as a surprise to me when I saw the cover, as I knew in my heart this woman is going to change the game, and indeed that's what she did. When asking her about it, she explained that before she saw that her garments made the cover she became very despondent, she thought it is not working, with her business and with her designs. Until one night, Unathi Mandela, a phenomenal photographer tagged her in a post on Instagram of a French magazine cover and to her surprise it was her garments the model was wearing!   

It is easy as a designer to become despondent, as I mentioned, the industry is so small in Cape Town and not many people are willing to give you a chance. But as Lahmees proved, it's all about the hustle! It's that taking a chance and trying new things kind of attitude, we could all surely learn a thing or two from her! 

With a spring in her step, Unathi drops the bombshell that there is another feature. Her jaw practically dropped when she heard it was for the Vogue Italia photo Vogue. As most of you may know, getting into Vogue is extremely difficult, I mean with Anna Wintour at the helm you can only imagine! This was one her biggest dreams (as many designers dream of this moment), and having her garments displayed in Vogue solidified to her that she was on the right path. Cape Town might not have been ready for Lana B but the French and Italians surely was!

When speaking to Unathi on how it was working with the Lana B designs she had nothing but phenomenal things to say. When she saw the Lana B designs on the runway at the Kairo's Winter Wonderland fashion show, she knew she wanted to do a shoot with her. The way Lahmees manipulates her fabric and her intricate way of design caught her eye immediately. I have to give props to Unathi as well though, she is a superb photographer, the way she captured the images but not taking away from the design is really gorgeous. Unathi Mandela, another name to get used to hearing!

Lahmees is probably one of the most humblest people I know. She has no desire to see her name in lights, all she wants to do is make people feel confident and beautiful. You can feel the passion and the love put into every piece of a Lana B collection and not only that, you can feel it when wearing it. Her unique sense of detailing on her garments is something you can't teach, that is all her! It is something only she has and only she can offer. 

What is next for Lana B you may ask. Well, Lahmees has recently launched the kiddies extension of Lana B designs called the Bubble Gum range. It is available for kids aged 4-13 and comes with that unique Lana B style. Here is a sneak peak of a few Bubble Gum pieces. 

And as you may or may not know, Lana B's garments are custom made to your measurements, all of them are made per order. She retains exclusivity by not mass producing and focusing on a per client basis. Here is a sneak peak of the winter collection. 

Lahmees (aka Lana B) is a powerhouse designer that has taken the South African fashion scene by storm! I know for sure she's going to be a household name! 

Get in touch with her via - 

Call/Whatsapp: 063 613 9246


Facebook: Lana B Lahmees

Instagram: @lana_b101 & @lana_bdesigns (Please follow both).


Thank you for reading.

Stay Fabulous :) 

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