CAFB - Rainbow Nation Fashion Show

Dream. Believe. Belong. 

These three words are the foundation of the Creative Angels Fashion Benefit (CAFB) and it showed at the Rainbow Nation Fashion Show on the 26th of October 2019 at the Riverclub. 

**Please note, the views portrayed in the blog post are of my (Leché Benny) own and is based on my personal experience as well as research**

Have you ever dressed up and just felt Fabulous? That was me on Saturday, I wore a white with blue floral print, maxi dress and best believe I felt good.

Arriving at the RiverClub, I headed up the stairs to The Congo room, drinks was set up as a welcoming gesture from the company. 

As I entered the Congo room I was automatically taken a back by the staging of the place, the lighting, the stage, everything was looking Fabulous. 

In attendance was the fabulous Feerouza Kruger - Mrs Universe Finalist who was on the judging panel along side Prenessa Nalliah - Director of CAFB. 


As you know, nothing is ever perfect, as much as we'd like it to be. I was told that all the tickets sold but people never showed up to the event which was very disappointing. It was an afternoon event from 3pm to 6pm so the fact that people never showed was very baffling. The atmosphere in the Congo room was not the greatest, being that it was a fashion show, surely if the room had been filled it would have felt different, more vibrant. CAFB had invited a women's shelter to attend the event but unfortunately the ladies could not make it due to unforeseen circumstances. 

What was very evident at this fashion show was that CAFB was providing a platform for entrepreneurs as well as musicians to showcase their work and their talents. They offer fashion business development for aspiring fashion designers which ranges from R1500 to R7500 and model training which ranges from R750 to R4000. There was unfortunately only but a few designs that caught the eye...

 Even though only a minimal amount if pieces caught the eye, the dancers from Melvin's Dance Studio in Bonteheuwel absolutely stole the show! 


These talented young kids gave it their all as they were dancing and jiving to their beats. I would definitely recommend these kids to perform at any event or function, they lightened up everything and brought smiles to everyone's faces. Melvin's Dance Studio can be contacted via CAFB telephonically on 021 830 5269 or email to 

Creative Angels Fashion Benefit has to receive major credit on putting together a well laid out show with regards to venue and set up, it is admirable that the director went to such great lengths. 

The event is an annual one, I look forward to 2020 to see what's in store for the next CAFB fashion show.  

 Thank you for reading! 

Stay Fabulous :)




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