EmpowHer19 by Differently Beautiful

EmpowHer 2019….


How can one describe this event without having a huge smile on your face. The joy and love it brought to the women was everything and more to see and feel.

Let’s start from the beginning…


The EmpowHer event was graced with such amazing weather, it was a scorching 33 degrees in the heart of Stellenbosch which was fitting for the Boho theme! It saw ladies coming out in their best Coachella vibe outfits and best believe everyone looked absolutely fabulous.


As we drove up to the Seven Sisters Wine Estate, the queue of women waiting to get in was a sight to see. Bernini was at the door offering up welcome drinks where there was options to choose from. It was clear at that point that the event was of a very Different stature.

The start of the event was delayed a bit, as you can imagine, planning and seeing that everything goes as planned is not an easy task, so we understandably waited for the event to start, and let me be the one to proudly say, IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!!


Going into the barn style venue, it was absolutely gorgeous, the venue had the most beautiful banner walls and a gorgeous flower wall with balloons that was well taken advantage of for photo-ops and mini photoshoots Lol.

Chairs was set up inside the venue to face the podium and projector wall, the MC’s Khanyi Mpambani and Siyanda Blouw lit the place up with their fabulous personalities!

The speakers that graced the podium told their stories so bravely and confidently, at one point during the talks everyone was in tears. I personally felt so inspired by these woman that it gave me hope that I could do anything. Vivian Kleynhans one of the seven sisters that owns the Seven Sister Wine Estate told her story on how she got to be where she is today. Her story was definitely one of many that had me captivated and hanging on every word, she spoke of how she grew up in a two bedroom home in poverty and was evicted from their home. She set goals for her life and achieved them by working hard and owning her identity by becoming independent. Today she is a happily married God fearing woman with three children, she published a book and has the seven sisters wines in 42 States in America as well as on the American Airlines. If that is not motivation to get up and do better than I don’t know what is!

You have had to have been there to understand the magnitude of the talks to a barn filled with woman and men, it was something else. There were moments that just put a smile on my face and made me super excited, one of those moments was when one of the natural hair activists  (Chloe Saunders) came up and spoke about the challenges in rocking natural hair, as you can imagine she had all the ladies smiling from ear to ear. It was Fabulous to see so many ladies rocking their natural hair, I absolutely loved it.

The braveness of each and every person that came up and spoke was phenomenal, Marike Martine, Nicole Fisher and Renecia - Joy Jacobs  stood out fully for me. These ladies are so amazing, as much as I try to put it into words how powerful they are,I just can’t. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, personal stories are not for me to tell, but all you need to know is that they are so full of strength and courage that they would fill you with strength and courage after they tell you their stories.

To each and every person that came up and spoke, you don’t know how you’ve impacted people. I commend you on being the amazing souls that you are and thank you educating people in the ways that you are.   


It is so hard to put in words what this event meant, not just to me, but too many of the people that attended. Differently Beautiful brought people together of all walks of life and let me just put it plainly, it was inspiring and such a Jol!   


Differently Beautiful really saw to everything, they had vendors under a boudin tent selling various items and products that was just Fabulous. From the likes of So Extra Swimwear to Walk in Style to A&H Make Up artistry, best believe the ladies shopped and then some! Some of the ladies even got mini makeovers done by A&H, Everyday René Gifting had their pop up with goodies that can be personalised for any occasion and hand made fabulous earrings by ReflectionsInc. There was so much more, the event catered to everyones needs and the fact that Differently Beautiful had vendors in the first place…. Once again Game Changer!

As I mentioned, it was a complete Jol! If you watched the Live Videos on Thrifty’s facebook page, you would have seen how much fun it was. The crowd was dancing, the vibe was perfect and the entertainment was on a whole other level. The likes of Krista Jonas (a former contestant on The Voice season 3) and Vuvu Khumalo along with many others brought the house down with their stunning performances. If this does not convince you to attend the next one I don’t know what will!


Melissa Smith and team… What an inspiration you guys are! Differently Beautiful has become more than just a Facebook platform, it has become a safe space for women which is what is needed in the world today. Please know that all your love, efforts and hard work does not go unnoticed, it shines through everything you do!

I am honoured to have written this blog post! See you at EmpowHer20!!!


Stay Fabulous


  • Leche thank you for encapsulating the day with this phenomenal post, what an absolutely perfect day out, it was what all our South African sisters needed to lift our heavy hearts x

    Celeste Mostert
  • After the hectic week we experienced with everything affecting woman on more than a personal basis, it was amazing just being able to finally let down ones hair in a safe place. The fact that woman could come in their masses and just support and encourage one another was just breathe taking. It was my first but defiantly not my last

    Tarryn-lee Julius

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