Fashion & Bubbles Event

The last day of woman’s month saw 5 female owned companies come together to pull off one stellar event!


On the 31st of August 2019, Embrace Your Curves curated some of the best local fashion designers and a hair salon to display their work at The #FashionandBubbles event hosted at the Souk in Long Street.

The designers included the likes of So Extra, Curvaceous Me, Embrace Your Curves, Fabulous by Leché Benny and us Thrifty Fabulous, hair was Fabulously done by Heavenly Heads.

Two hundred rand got you unlimited bubbly from 3pm-6pm which was sponsored by Pongratz Champagne and as you can probably imagine was absolutely fabulous!

At 3pm, the event kicked off and the champagne glasses started floating around, the Pongratz promoters made sure the glasses were always filled and best believe there were options, three different types of champagne to choose from, a brut, a rose’ and the most popular one of the afternoon, the noble nectar.

The amazing Candice Manuel co-ordinated the event and by 3pm the models knew exactly where they should go and what they should do.

The black podiums inside and on the balcony allowed for the models to be elevated, once they got on they became real life mannequins! It was something so different and unique, it added an even higher level of sophistication to the event.

At the event the businesses were given an opportunity to sell some of their items, everything was so beautifully set out with all the items being on rose gold rails, once again that sophistication of the curator comes into play.

The tiniest of details was seen to, the venue looked amazing and so did the patrons, everyone was dressed in their best, elevating the event even further (and no that is not an exaggeration! Lol).

Embrace Your Curves did this event with so much poise and Fabulousness, we are honoured to have been a part of it.


Now let’s get to the parts you readers are waiting for….. The Fashion!!


So Extra showcased swim wear, mind blowing swim wear that suits any body type along with kimonos. These items one can not get at retail stores, it is so unique and inclusive that when thinking about it gives one hope for the changes in the world. So Extra is definitely a fore runner for that change, waving the flag of “plus size is beautiful” high and proudly. Her models did their thing, Zina Berecz wore a full piece meshed long sleeve swim suit with floral decorative fabric on the bust area as well as on the high waisted bottom, the silhouette was absolutely stunning. Yuvianca Doerk looked breathtaking in a two piece swimsuit, the turquoise green bodice had a sweet heart neckline with fringe coming from the bust line while the bottom was high waisted in white fabric with prints in complimentary colours to the top, she wore a black long sleeve mesh kimono over, both these looks would send you straight into summer! It is must have pieces, one of a kind that only So Extra offers. The owner Tracy Rass designed the items so beautifully, keeping in mind the woman she is designing for, she executed it elegantly while giving the ladies confidence and empowering women to understand that anyone can wear a swim suit!

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Facebook: So Extra - Swimwear & accessories

Instagram: @soextragirl


Curvaceous me, owned by the amazing Charlene Mitchell, showcased sophistication and elegance in such a stylish and effortless way. Her use of fabrics complimented the designs so beautifully and her models added to the sophistication of the designs. Candice Lynn Christians wore a sequenced playsuit that fit so perfectly. The playsuit was different in the sense of it being a shorts with a boob tube neckline, making it something so unique especially having it in a sequent black fabric that shimmered so beautifully once the light hit it. Stefany Charles wore a stunning LBD (little black dress) with mesh shaped cut outs on the bottom hip area, and decollate area which was finished off with black fabric to create a circular neckline. The v-shaped cut out with a mesh inset on the side bust area elevated the dress even further, it gave a little sneak peak to the under bust making it a sexy yet very sophisticated LBD. These outfits are definitely statement pieces and her models did an excellent job showing exactly that, they stood fierce and elegant showcasing just how Phenomenal Curvaceous Me is!

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Facebook: Curvaceous me

Instagram: @curvaceousme1 & @charls1076


Fabulous by Leché Benny… So far with the blog post I never spoke as myself lol. I will now!! I made the conscious decision of going back into the design world but also not forgetting about Thrifty Fabulous, from start to finish it is a rush. Questions runs through your mind like, will people love it? Am I making the right choice? Will this work? I decided to take a leap of faith and just do what makes me happy. My two pieces were showcased by Shirmeez Samaai and Alandet Ntabiseng, Shirmeez wore a fit and flare dungaree in a cotton twill fabric and Alandet wore a box pleat skirt with an invisible zip on the side also in cotton twill, she wore a Thrifty and Fabulous T to finish off the look. The ladies rocked the outfits more than I could have asked for! They stood with confidence and pride rocking their original designs, it was emotional and overwhelming when I first saw them standing there, the realisation finally kicked in that I am definitely making a come back. The pieces will be part of a summer range as the outfits that were showcased was samples for the upcoming range.  To Shirmeez and Alandet, thank you for bringing life to my pieces, you ladies did it justice and I will be forever grateful.

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Embrace Your Curves brought the sass, the edgy and the sexy! The trend Athleisure was brought to life by the brand as their models stood with such fierceness that would make one not want to turn away. Delicia Timmie wore a black lekka holle legging with a cropped hooded track top and Rughshana Karelse wore a track pant with a cropped hooded track top. Both the ladies looks was finished off with a “I make money moves” moon bag, all items exclusively sold at Embrace Your Curves. These pieces are so versatile as they suit any season and body type and to top it all off these looks are super trendy!

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Facebook: Embrace your curves

Instagram: @embraceyourcurves_cpt & @candashian_cpt


Heavenly heads styled the ladies hair, that helped bring the looks full circle. On behalf of the business owners as well as the models, thank you to Sam for doing it so gorgeously! Heavenly heads is in the hair extension market as well, if you are looking to extend what you've got then don't hesitate to contact them. 

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Facebook: heavnly heads 

Instagram: @heavenlyheads721 


So as you’ve read, the event was nothing less than Fabulous! If you missed this one, another Fashion event will be hosted on the 5th of October 2019, keep your eyes peeled on the Embrace Your Curves social media platforms as well as ours for more information.

Thank you again to Candice Manuel and Embrace Your Curves for having us be a part of this Fabulous event. 

Thank you for reading :) 

Stay Fabulous! 


  • All I can say ‘shooooooo’
    Beautifully written

  • Really great read. Amazing fashion all round. Well done Leché on your designs. Super proud to have some one as talented you in my life.


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