How to do a Closet Clean Out

So your closet is filled with clothes you've barely worn, for some reason you just don't like the items anymore or they aren't flattering at all. 

You've wondered what to do but never had someone explain it to you. 

That's where I come in! 

This post should have you well on your way to your successful closet clean out. 

I've done this numerous times before, I've done it just last week as a matter of fact. If you're like me and you don't like keeping clothes that you either fell out of love with or they are just not working for your current figure then keep reading. 

I start by packing all my clothes out of my closet, everything. 

Doing it section by section works for me, so I start with my hanging rail in my closet. 

Unpack everything onto my bed. 

Make a big pile and you'll get to see exactly why your rail is buckling and looks like it's holding on for dear life! 

Now with it all on the bed, I start categorizing it. 

The items I like, the ones that are super cute but the fit isn't great and the ones that makes me feel slouchy and lousy. 


Once that is all bundled in their individual groups the fun starts! 


Pick up each item in the pile you like, look at it and see yourself wearing it. If it's something you can wear again and it makes you look and feel amazing, hang it back up. 

Do that to all the piles you've made. 

You'll be so surprised by what you have at the end. 

Put the unwanted items into a disposable bag and pack your folded clothes back into your closet into their respective sections. 

Your closet will look so much neater and you'll have space in there to add clothes you actually like! #SHOPPING!! :) 

I do a Closet Clean Out every few months, sometimes nothing goes into the unloved pile but I find that I'm happier when I have to get done and go out because I'm comfortable and feel great in every item in there!  

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  • That is exactly what I did a few weeks ago. It really does wonders. Thank you for the reminder.


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