Rise Queen!

Hey Fabulous Friends! 

On the 29th of June 2019, we (when I say "we", I mean me, Leche') had the amazing honour of attending the "Rise Queen or the crown slips..." event, hosted by The Champagne Life and Laverne Turner Manuel.

[In this blog post I will give you insight to my experience, I will not  be posting the ladies stories that was discussed on the day as I feel it was such a safe environment that the ladies got to open up about themselves. I DO NOT and WILL NOT exploit that for my or Thrifty Fabulous's benefit.]   

From start to finish it was incredible. Here is all the info of what went down...

The day started off as a normal Saturday. I got dressed and I was a bit nervous to be honest, as I did not know what to expect. I've done other events that was about empowering women but this was my first time experiencing it in the form of a breakfast. 

In any case, I got to Cape Town gardens, as you can imagine the scenery was beautiful, it was beyond fitting for the day ahead, but obviously I just thought at the time, ooooo pretty place to take pictures after lol. 

As I walked in, again not knowing what to expect. The first thing I saw was a lady wearing a crown and walking towards a quaint coffee shop surrounded by nature. I smiled at her and all she said was, "I've got my crown". That instantly made me feel more at ease, the lady just saying that to me calmed my nerves a bit, it's amazing what kindness can do :). 

The tables at the venue was set up so beautifully. I could tell that Laverne put so much effort into this, my nerves calmed a bit more. The venue that was chosen was gorgeous inside, it was warm and welcoming and so was all the pretty ladies in attendance at the event. The breakfast itself was so worth it and looked great as it reached our tables, I think I made the perfect choice lol. 


Once it started, we got to know Laverne a bit better. I won't post her story in this blog post. IT IS HER STORY TO TELL, NOT MINE. All that I will say is... She is an amazing woman that faced so much adversities and overcame them with such grace and elegance. I personally admire her strength and courage, I hope to one day have half of that. And if there's one major thing that stuck with me after listening to her story is... She definitely practises what she preaches! She stands for Women Empowerment, and through her work she does just that!

The next person that took the floor gave us some tips that will probably stick with me forever. Don't worry, I'll post the tips :). 

The incredible Nicole Brink took the floor. She is a serial entrepreneur, her words not mine lol, and she is the owner of one of the sponsors "The Bigger Picture".  

Nicole gave us ladies the 7 keys to manifestation - The 7 A's. 

  • Authenticity: Being true to yourself. 
  • Awareness: Being conscious of yourself. 
  • Accountability: Knowing what role you've played in the outcome you've received. 
  • Acceptance: Accepting how things are now. 
  • Appreciation: Expressing gratitude. 
  • Alignment: Check in with yourself. 
  • Action: Anything small that connects with your intentions.


I know I did not do it justice as she gave a broader description of each key, but I do feel that this sums it up perfectly for you guys. 

After Nicole, some other ladies (including myself) told their stories. It was probably the most empowering thing I've ever experienced. Interacting with one another and just showing support to every lady that spoke was so rewarding to see. In today's world loads of people speaks about empowering women but this event brought like minded females together to show each of them they are not alone. 

I would strongly advise that if there is another Rise Queen event, every lady should try and join in. It is an amazing experience and so life changing, you won't be sorry at all. 

To Laverne, from "us" at Thrifty Fabulous, thank you for all you do. We need more women like you in the world. 

So ladies, next time you feeling down or you having a bad day, come back to this blog, I hope it inspires you and makes you feel a little bit better as it did me to write this :). Thank you for reading! 

Stay Fabulous! 






  • Leche, I was so inspired by your story that you shared at the event. Thank you! And thank you for writing about my talk :) Dream bigger xx

    Nicole Brink
  • So proud Sis… Keep up the hard work!!! Seems some skills are passed genetically….. Lol

    Big Boeta

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