On the 12th of April 2019 I had the privilege of going to the 7pm RUFF TUNG fashion show at the CTICC for African International Fashion Week.

When I say "privileged" I mean I had to buy my tickets, Thrifty Fabulous is not on that level yet where people or brands gives us free tickets for shows haha. 

I went to the show keeping in mind that I'll be writing a blog about it, to give the Thrifty Family that weren't able to attend the show a chance to experience it. 


One of the benefits of going to shows like these is the fact that you get to dress up, you get to look and feel fabulous! I dressed up and decided to Embrace my Curves, I wore a tight blush pink rouched dress. 

Getting to the location (the CTICC) we probably parked on the wrong side because we had to walk via the sky walk to get to the venue. When I got to the venue, you could feel the awesome vibe and ambiance of the people, it was exciting to see everyone dressed up in their best ready for the show. 

Walking through to where we were to be seated we got to see the make up section which was pretty Fabulous, not all fashion shows gives you that little bit of insight. When we got to our section I was so taken a back by the set up of the place, the runway, the lighting, the back drop, everything looked so amazing. 

 We did experience a bit of a hiccup when it came to our seating, keep in mind that I purchased my ticket. I was supposed to be seated in block B seat number G17, when I got to where I suppose to sit, I was told that the seats I purchased is reserved for VIP. Now I know I'm no VIP but I did pay for my ticket.... The lady that was trying to assist us told me to go stand on the other side of the block and she'll let us know what's happening, but there was already people seated in my seats. I didn't want to cause any drama as I came there to watch the fashion show and enjoy myself. I did as I was told and went to the other side, to my surprise there was people that was told the same thing as me. 

I then saw an attendant and asked them what's happening because the announcer announced that the show will be starting soon and everyone should be seated. He then told me that the seats was double booked, meaning the tickets was sold twice! We were then told to sit any where in the back row. Again, I was there to enjoy the show so I sat at the back and brushed off all the bad energy I experienced. 

The show started and immediately I was blown away, the fashion made up for everything. A clothing brand Privé opened up the show and their designs were breath taking. I absolutely loved what they did with the fabrics, and the structure of their designs was amazing. Here are some of my favourite pieces: 



Ruff Tung: 

After Privé, the highlight of evening happened, Ruff Tung debut their Blue Blood AW19 collection, and once again I was blown away. It was absolutely stunning, you could see the hard work that went into creating this collection and the lighting added that special touch to the garments. 

The fit, the style, the elegance and the grace of clothing you could see even from the back row! I loved the different prints they used and how they made it seem so effortless, the way the garments moved on the runway added another element to the show. Their signature sequence styles was as Fabulous as ever, the way they debut it, all the lights went off except for the back drop lighting and the girls stood there for about 5 seconds and you could see the sequence bring so much life into the room. I loved the show and their garments so much, here are some the looks that caught my eye: 

The show had me smiling and even a bit emotional at times. 

When I saw Candice Manuel take the runway, emotions ran wild in me. This is a girl from the same area as me (the misunderstood Mitchell's Plain) and she's slaying it in the industry. I had a moment of so much pride and joy, it was overwhelming and inspiring at the same time. 

She has supported Thrifty Fabulous from the very beginning and we will always support her. 

She's our Thrifty girl!




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  • Lovely piece of writing. Sounds like a great experience.

  • Hi Leche this is such a beautiful write up …an mind you Shaun an I had the same experience as far as seating were concerned.We as Candice parents are Mighty proud of her too.

    Letitia van Eden

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