Rock the Brand - Styling Tips!

As you’ve probably seen by now, Thrifty Fabulous is launching into Merchandise and we are so excited for this new venture!!

On Saturday, the 20th of April 2019, we had our photo shoot for the upcoming range that would be featured on the website. I decided, “you know what, I’m going to shoot the merchandise shots, let’s debut this to the world". Now if you think I am not nervous for this then you’ve got it all wrong! 

The pictures came out so amazing! Thank you to the phenomenal photographer Lauryn Benny for capturing my moments. I am not a person who wanted to be in front of the camera, but I thought I’d open myself up for this and let the world know who is behind Thrifty.

Anyway, let me get back to what this blog post is actually about lol, as I mentioned earlier, Thrifty is heading into selling merchandise. Our Fabulous T-shirts (which is made in Malaysia by the way) has the slogan “Thrifty and Fabulous” in gorgeous white writing on it. The T-shirts retails for R180.00 each and the crew neck for R380.00 each, if you are a hustler (aka Thrifty with what you have) and you know you’re Fabulous then this is definitely for you!

The T-shirt can be worn in any season and can be worn in various different ways, below we give you some ideas on how to wear your Thrifty and Fabulous T.

  • The dress look!

Wear it as a dress!

I know lots of us loooovvee the over sized T-shirt look, I decided to take it a step further and wear the T as a dress. All I did was, I took 1 size up from my regular size (I wore an XL instead of a Large) and paired it with thigh high boots, I felt so confident and sexy in this look, I would definitely rock this look to an event, just add some accessories and I'll be good to go ;-). 

  •  The casual look!

 This would probably be the most comfortable way to wear the T. It's easy to slip on and off. Whether you're heading to the mall or if you just want a more relaxed look, then wearing the T out (un-tucked) gives the ease feel to your look. 

  • The Tucked look!


This would have to be my favourite way of wearing a T. I believe in the Tuck! Whether it's a French Tuck or a Full Tuck, it always gives the impression that effort went into the look. As you can probably tell I was blessed with a bit more junk in my trunk lol and I've had to find ways to make it work for me. Wearing the T with a high waisted jeans and tucking it in makes my waist look so small, it cinches in my waist line and gives that amazing curvy look that I love.

  •  The French Tuck! 

If you're like me and you're a huge Queer Eye fan, then this look should be familiar to you. For those who don't know, a French Tuck is basically tucking in the front of your T, leaving the back and sides loose. Again like the Full Tucked look, it shows that some effort went into wearing the T and it shows off the curves. This look is also such an easy look to pull off no matter your shape or size, it works!  

  • The asymmetrical look! 

This is such an easy way to transform an ordinary T into something more detailed and edgy, and it's so simple to pull off too! What I did was, I bunched the T to one side and using my hair band (my pom pom lol), I tied the fabric on the inside and as easy as that, an asymmetrical T was created! It's simple yet so chic! 


Don't be scared to play around with your T-shirts, there are so many different ways to rock them and to make it look different every time you wear it! 

  • The crew neck! 


 Simple, elegant and cosy! The perfect item to keep warm and look Fabulous at the same time, it's a must have piece that can be paired up with almost anything. 


Rocking the Brand is as easy as that!

If you'd like to show case your Thrifty and Fabulous style then go ahead and place your order! Whatsapp your order to 081 518 7563 or email us at

We'd love to see how you Rock the Brand!

Thank you for reading, stay Fabulous :) 

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