What makes Thrifty Fabulous Fabulous

Thrifty Fabulous… What makes it so special?

Everyone looks for different things when they go shopping, some ladies want high end clothing, some ladies want retail wear and some ladies just wants to look fabulous and amazing.

We figured why not have one place where you can get everything, yes its pre-owned, sometimes it’s new but why not be able to give the lady (the fabulous lady) an item that makes her look fabulous for a very very low cost?

It’s genius isn’t it!

All too often women think, “no i can’t wear second hand things”, “oh no we don't know what brand it is”, “we don't know where it was purchased…” What does it matter? Does it really matter, should it matter?

If you look fabulous in that outfit, if you look amazing in that, why should it matter?

Wearing a tank top with a jeans (tucked in of course!) makes one look classier and more expensive, nobody would know where you bought it from or how much you paid for it. You look good and that’s all that matters.

So why not change your mind about the price that makes something expensive.

What if a thrift store is charging R8000 for a shirt, but you don't look fabulous in it at all, what does that say?

Are you still going to be fabulous because you paid R8000 for it but you don't look good in it or would you buy something that's R50 but you look fabulous in it, you look amazing, it's just that the price tag says something different but no one is going to know that except for you. Unless you go and tell people and you proud of it, which we hope you become, because we are proud to say we are wearing thrifty fabulous, why shouldn't you?

That is what makes thrifty so different, we are proud of it, we are open about it, like yes we are a thrift store!

Our clothes are only different because its pre owned, it's still going to make you look good. You are going to pay much less than you would in a retail store, is that not a plus?

So we hope that this blog post makes you sit and think what am I getting from something that's killing my budget? Something I cannot afford at all and I don't look good in it, so is it still worth it?

Is it? Is it really worth it?

We hope this starts a conversation, we would want to start a dialogue with women as to why it is frowned upon? Why is the mind set about pre-owned clothes, you have to be poor… 

So why not save some money? Why not keep some money for yourself? Get your nails done, get your hair done.

If you don't agree or just have an opinion on it, please feel free to email or DM us on our social media pages what your thoughts are.

Thank you for reading :)

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